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Thanks, CMS Junkie for the terrific JBD v5.6.5 release.

With this release, JBD is fine-tuned and purring like a kitten on Joomla 4.

Keep up the excellent work.

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"..purring like a kitten on Joomla 4." Looking forward to this update too but is very dependent on update for Advance Module Manager from Regular Labs that I dont know when they are releasing an update.  frown  Advance Module Manager Regular Labs

Sounds very interesting. 

I will read up on it tomorrow for sure.`


Our extensions do not need any updates for any 3rd party vendors.
Do you need this for our extensions or for the functionality of your own website.

Just to clarify, the Advance Module Manager (AMM) has nothing to do with the JBD extension.

AMM ONLY adds functionality to the Joomla core CMS.

I think ssnobben mentioned it as it must be what is preventing him/her from migrating to Joomla 4.

I can confirm that JBD on Joomla 4 is "purring like a kitten".