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Hi, i want to hide the long and lat field. Is this possible in the extension (or do i have to use something like ReReplacer to do that) ?


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You can configure listings fields in the general settings -> attribute configuration tab.
Please set map to no shown.

Hi George,

I think i did not explain myselves very good. I want the map to show. But when a user registrate a business, i dont want the long and lat fields to be visible.

I think those are disturbing for the user, and i want the user to only be able to add the address (the long and lat will be filled automaticly based on the address just like it does today) and see the address fields only. 

You can try to hide the area by CSS:

#edit-tab3 .row.pb-2 {
  display: none;

I think it's the only div with class .row.pb-2 on that tab. So only the row with langitute/latitue/radius will be hidden.

Thank you very much Stephan, this worked like a charm :)