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Stackideas has been released EasySocial V4 meanwhile!
Has the latest version of JBusinessDirectory been adapted to support the latest version of EasySocial?

Thanks and kind regards

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We have not checked the integration with EasySocial v4.
Are there any incompatibilities between the versions?


unfortunately I can't answer this question because I deliberately waited for EasySocial 4 and this will be the first version I license, if it is compatible with JBD.

I didn't want to go in with v3 because it was known that v4 was coming out soon. For me, the integration possibility of EasySocial with JBD was also a very important point in the decision for JBD and EasySocial. It is a great combination!

From what you read, the major release has changed quite a bit. If there is contact with Mark from S, it might be good to get in touch with him, because he should also have an interest in JBD and EasySocial integrating well.


Kind regards

I using latest JBD & Joomla and stable ES v 4.01 and its working well. https://stackideas.com/blog/easysocial-401-released


*** The only thing that CMSjunkie should add there is so in the EasySocial menu there should be a link to the JBD business admin panel.The streams are there and you have links in the EasySocial menu to business listings, offers and events but missing a link directly there to the JBD business admin panel.

CMSjunkies can you add that also to the EasySocial & JBD integration everything is covered and that is also work for different languages.

@ssnobben ssnobben :

Thanks for that information and the suggestion for improvement concerning the links!
I hope too that this will be implemented by CMS Junkie.

Kind regards


We will keep this in mind for future implementations.

The only thing that is missing is the menu in ES profile tabs where you have good links to JBD Offers, Events, Bussines and there it should be a link to your JBD business dashboard so you can go to your dashboard directly from the ES dashboard. And that it works for different languages translations there..