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Hello I would like to know how to contact the J-BusinessDirectory support team, I made a purchase a few weeks ago, of important value to me, I have been exchanging inquiries with the support team, but so that the component meets the needs of the business I need custom development to customize the component, and I still have some doubts regarding the operation of the component and its accessories.
But the problem is that I have not received a response for more than 15 days, neither in the support tickets nor by mail and I am really worried.
Can anyone tell me how to contact the support and development team for answers?

Thank you!

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Hi, please note that any posting you make on this site they can see it. However, you can also use the ticket. For sure they will have some reason, or to give you a satisfactory answer it takes more time. I have a wonderful experience with their support. However, I advise you not to make the mistake and switch components. There is no extension like this. Believe me I did a lot of research, I also searched for wordpress and on themeforest and I have to tell you that they offer nothing, they only offer preset things that you cannot change. With this component you can modify, add, deactivate, play with permissions, with multilingual, add and remove what you need from the plan. I personally find it simply FABULOUS. And believe me I'm not paid to say these words to you. I really hope they can answer you as soon as possible, but trust me you won't find better anywhere. If you want I can also give you the names of the other joomla directory extensions, but like j-businessdirectory it doesn't exist.


@Raul Dominguez - Support team will get back to you shortly.
@Miri - thank you for your appreciation.

Dear Miri 

Thanks for your words, I agree with you that it is a really useful component, that's why my great interest in making the necessary customizations.
But as I mentioned, in 15 days I have not had an answer, not even to say, we are working on a solution and we will respond as soon as possible, hence my concern.,

I hope that soon I can solve the doubts and complete the customizations that I need.

Thank you very much, greetings!

George Bara  Thank you very much, I am attentive

I keep waiting for answers

I also have a 'wonderful' experience with support.

I am very happy for you, unfortunately I cannot say the same, I hope this changes because I invested a lot of money

@Raul Dominguez - I'm sorry to hear that you are not happy with our support.
We have agreed to implement some improvements for JBD Quote Requests free of charge, just to meet your requirements.
The changes should be ready next week. Is there anything else you have required?

Hello, thank you for responding and agreeing to implement the suggested changes.

In this regard, on 11/10 they responded to a ticket, commenting that the following week they would launch a new version considering my requests, when I saw that there was a new version (5.6.6), I checked if the changes were there and how they were not, I went back to ask on the ticket.
As you tell me that the changes will be implemented next week, I will wait until next week to check these changes.

The other issue that is pending, is that I request the development of customizations of the "request for quotation" plugin, which I was quoted, but then I did not receive any more response, nor how to pay it, nor when they could do it, no response.
It happens that the customization of the plugin is essential for the business rules of the site, without them the website would not have the required functionality.

Thank you !