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Hi there

Please can you advise whether the following with unknown compatibility on a pre-J4.4 update check are ok to leave in place or should be uninstalled?

I'm concerned that some of them are V1 and seem to be quite dated (pre 2015), and then there are JBExtensions and J-BExtensions, and I'm not sure whether there is significance to that at all. I have not been able to locate version info elsewhere, so am hoping you can enlighten me please!

JBanners Module 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory Events Search Module 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory Offer Search Module 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory - Offers Module 3.0.0
JBusinessDirectory - Progress Module 1.0.0
JBusinessCategories Module 1.1.0
JBusinessCategoriesOffers Module 1.0.0
JBusinessOffer Module 1.0.0
J-BusinessDirectory Url Translator Plugin 3.0.0
JBusinessDirectory - Events Module 3.1.0
J-CategoryBanners Module 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory - Locations Module 1.0.0
JBusiness Maps Module 1.0.0
JBusinessCategoriesEvents Module 1.0.0
J-BusinessDirectory Module 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory Business Finder Plugin 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory Events Finder Plugin 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory Offers Finder Plugin 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory Offer Search Plugin 1.0.0
JBusinessDirectory - Business Listings Module 3.5.0
JBusinessDirectory Listing Search Module 3.0.0
JBusinessDirectory - Reviews Module 1.0.0

Many thanks


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Make a Akeeba backup copy first and then go ahead with the update. If things not working roll back and restore from Akeeba backup.

I had no problem and cant say but for example JBusinessDirectory Offer Search is old and is not supported any more by Joomla itself so uninstall all that is with Joomla search plgs.

New Joomla just use Advance Search now = Finder example JBusinessDirectory Offer Finder...

Thank you. And yes, always Akeeba first :)


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