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Your dedication to the improvement of JBD is apparent with the much improve PageSpeed currently clocking in with an IMPRESSIVE score of 88.

I am sure this score will improve once JoomShaper finishes the development of their template's Compression of CSS and JavaScript files, according to their notes in their settings: "We suggest you to disable this option. We are working on this setting for further optimization."

Please note, I am currently testing JBD v5.6.9 on Joomla! 4.0.5 and PHP 8.0 with the following modules running with about 1,000 total listings.

   - JBusinessDirectory Listing Search

   - JBusinessCategories

   - JBusinessDirectory - Business Listings (Featured Events)

   - JBusinessDirectory - Business Listings (Featured Offers)

   - JBusinessDirectory - Business Listings (Featured Businesses)

   - JBusinessDirectory - Locations

   - JBusinessDirectory - Keyword Feed

   - Joomla Banner Size 728 x 240

Great Job CMS.


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That is great news :)