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I wonder what 3rd Party SEO extensions others are using with JBD.

I am currently 'only' using the following:

   1. JSitemap by J!Extensions Store (49.90€)

   2. System - Aimy Canonical (PRO) (11.90€)

However, I've noticed a few new J4 SEO Extensions that seem to do much much, more:

   1. 4SEO: https://weeblr.com/joomla-seo/4seo ($95.00)

   2. Route 66 for Joomla by Firecoders (69.90€)

I really want to know if the above two extensions would be compatible with JBD, especially metadata?

Is there anything else better for SEO of J4?

Does CMSJunkie have any recommendations as for compatibility?

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You can add  

Google Structured Data is an SEO Joomla extension that allows digital marketers to adopt Google Structured Data and Rich Results - Cards without requiring them to be an expert in the Schema.org language or writing code. Take control of your Google Search Results by adding Google Structured Data Markup. Now also for support for JBD extensions...



I am also interested about this extension if its good 4SEO: https://weeblr.com/joomla-seo/4seo   have you tested it?


Does Aimy Canonical (PRO) make the urls different when using it with JBD ?




As far as I know, Aimy Canonical (PRO) does not change URLs.

However, there is a feature that allows admins to custom change each URL link, if they so desire, for any reason.


I went ahead and purchased 4SEO because it eliminates the following extensions:

  1.    metadata extension,
  2.    sitemap extension,
  3.    structured data extension,
  4.    social networks sharing extension,
  5.    redirection extension.


It seems to allow me (1) to scan all JBD pages, and (2) to assign user groups for front-end metadata entries.

I just need more time with it to confirm.


I did come across the following, probably good, a bit expensive, Joomla SEO extension if anyone is interested:

   - iSEO Pro by iJoomla ($147.00)




Thks Joe very much for your input, tests and feedback.

FYI I have used these products long time before    - iSEO Pro by iJoomla ($147.00) and think that Jsitemap I use can match that one almost 100% and iJoomla products I dont have any confidence to use unfortunately.

4SEO seems to be very good in many aspects and great if you can have it work with JBDs extensions well. I just wonder how it solve this Joomla extension for " Google structured data" from dev Tassos in comparison between the two?

so for me I have these solution right now


  •    1 metadata extension - Jsitmap extension do this very well already
  •    2 sitemap extension - Jsitmap no one better for this than Jsitemap
  •    3 structured data extension - I use Google Structured Data from Tassos
  •    4 social networks sharing extension - I have these for EasySocial, EasyBlog and some 3 that is standard for JBD
  •    5 redirection extension -  Have std Joomla and Admin Tools Pro that can handled that...


So there must be some other benefits also for me to replace this in their field expert functions for 4SEO alone...

Pls share your experience and how things going later after your tests etc

One of their selling points is that it combines most SEO necessities under one roof for $ 95.00.


Results Display: For me, having the best sitemap is worthless if it does not actually tell you its results: (visited + read).

So far, 4SEO has told me that Google has visited my sitemap every day but has not decided to read it yet (0%)

I don't think that JSiteMap provides this important feature; so, basically, flying in the dark.


Troubleshooting: Dealing with one developer is much better than dealing with many.

For example, I currently have an unsolved bug on JBD.

To troubleshoot it, I need to turn off plugins/extensions.

Turning off just one extension would be much better than many.


Front End Metadata Entry: Allows front end metadata entry without admin access.

Can create a metadata user groups for data entry


Core Web Vitas: Google now uses page speed in its page ranking methodology.

The extension will tell you what pages are failing Google's speed requirements.

I will try to change the JBD template to see if it improves the scoring.


Broken Link Detector: Literally, tells you all the broken links throughout your entire website.

The theory being that broken links are bad for SEO.


Issues: However, I have found issues:

   1. Current issue with Admin Tools but there is a workaround and fix by Akeeba coming.

   2 . The 'Structured Data' is missing the 'LocalBusiness" data set (ticket opened on this).

   3. Google and Bing have not yet read my sitemap

   4. Again, need to learn it a bit more BEFORE giving the extension a positive review.