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George Bara Total posts: 1781 Joined: 06/17/13 05:09:54



There are no performance issues reported.
There might be an issue with the database indexes. Please click on the fix database button in the directory general settings.

Posted: 04/26/21 15:58:51
ssnobben ssnobben Total posts: 493 Joined: 04/22/19 07:03:42

Hi I see some performance issues with the latest JBD 5.5.8 and wonder if there is anyone else also have noticed that? I see finally good fixes for OSM (Open Street Map) that now work with fullscreen and clusters marking. :)


Or its only my that have performance issues now ( JBD 5.5.8, Joomla 3.9.26, php 7.4.16 )

Posted: 04/14/21 07:18:04