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I have a Joomla 3.10.2 site, JBD setting for using JBD with OSM Open Street Map with php 8.0.10 and have the JBD maps these modules:

JBD mod_jbusiness_listings_search, mod_jbusiness_event_search, mod_jbusiness_offer_search

Problem is that the icons on the maps doesnt load and you get a blank page after a reload and or coming back a second time or change to another associated langauge.

It seems also to be something with Joomla cache settings where is problem ( Joomla global configuration backend set Cache Setting System Cache = Conservative cache On ) 

Anyone else having problem with JDB listing OSM maps loading icons second time and not load at all now? 

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Well I get this going again and it could be possible it was some temporary cache/CDN or whatever on OSM side too but if anyone have similar issues with this update here too..



There are issues with the JBD caching system.

I have a ticket submitted and confirmed on the issue.

The issue involves turning on caching with the auto location turned on.

When on, the website continuously reloads over and over again.

JBD indicateded that they are working on the issue.

I thought to mention this as it might be related?


Thanks Joe will check this again after the fix is done and if still problem there.