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George Bara Total posts: 1781 Joined: 06/17/13 05:09:54



The quote request mechanism is going to be enhanced in the 5.6 version.
We will add more possibilities.

Posted: 04/26/21 11:32:54
Jean Marc Vieux Total posts: 4 Joined: 03/11/21 04:37:53

@ssnobben, I totaly agree with you.

Posted: 04/23/21 08:34:08
ssnobben ssnobben Total posts: 493 Joined: 04/22/19 07:03:42

Yes this obligation to put in a synced corresponding location address to the listing quotes is not a good idea. You should be able to disable that "requirement" in settings bcs this harm and is not good for getting listings quote requests.


I have asked about this from devloper but not heard anything to change that behaviour though I think its wrong logic to correlate a quote request to a radius listing. It should be settings then for categories/listings i f that should have any relevance for listings quotes...


What you think?

Posted: 04/23/21 07:44:00
Nigel Ang Total posts: 2 Joined: 04/19/21 11:18:13

Hi Team,

I'm having issues with my JBD quote request - it does not seem to be taking in addresses.

To replicate the issue:

1) Go to https://www.sportzile.com/explore

2) Click sports & outdoors category

3) Click Team sports category

4) Click on 'Get quotes' on the top right grey square. 

5) Invalid location regardless of input.

Best regards.

Posted: 04/19/21 11:32:52