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Couple of other side notes the upload image does not seem to work it just spins for days and the login captcha took like 20 times of me trying to log into my account to post here.  I had to upload this image to my website and then share it here...

So to my issue I have installed Jbusiness Directory on a few sites now and this morning I woke up with a flood of spam emails and I do have the captcha installed on all these sites. Anyone have a fix for this?


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Have you enabled Captcha in the directory settings as well?

Yes sir, and I thought it was slick how you had to go to a second page after you typed your message thought that would cut spam way down. Is there a way to show the person's IP address show up in the mail? At least this way I could go into my cpanel and block their IP address so they can't continue to do this every night and day forever without changing IP Addresses.  Maybe add something where they have to put the answer to a couple of numbers that had to be added..

Seems strange

I have no problem like this using Google invisable captcha and also Akeeba Admin Tools Pro setting up protection (.htaccess maker + Web application Firewall example Block bad user agents) for spammers with Project Honeypot https://www.projecthoneypot.org/list_of_ips.php integration etc https://www.akeeba.com/products/admin-tools.html

What Joomla firewall and htaccess settings and apache server security modules etc set up do you have? This is the modified htaccess master file that Nikos Akeeba done but is included in Admin Tools Pro for better maintenaince. https://docs.joomla.org/Htaccess_examples_(security)

You can test this plugin too and then your site will load faster too than have Google captcha.


If you remove Google fonts, Google login, Google ads and Google captcha your site will load much faster too I gurantee.

Pls let us know how it worked.