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It's version 4.9.7. An update may be pending but a lot of customisation has been done already.

Example link : https://www.fashionsfinest.com/directory/clothing

Client can't get any category specific metadata showing on the category pages. Not even the description in the code shows.

Short of recoding the page is there any way to display category specific metadata?


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Version 4.9.7 is a pretty old version and we recommend updating to a newer version.
For metadata you can edit components/com_jbusinessdirectory/views/search/tmpl/default.php and check the metadata generation there.


And yet on another site running the current version 5.6.2 it has the same issue. There's no metadata showing for categories and the category description doesn't show.


Can you please create a ticket on our store and provide us admin access?
On our test environment all seems to be OK.