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I need to show more than 100 listings on the same map of jbusiness directory, and it seems 100 is the max number.
I need all the listings appearing on the same map, not only the first 100.
Could you help and tell me how to do ?


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Try this: Go to:

   > General Settings > Front End > Number of items on pagination

The number in this box should be 100.

If so, increase the number to the desired amount.

Yes but was it not "more than 100" there is fixed step and the maximum JBD setting is 100 but you cant add more?

100 Limit:

   - Yes, you are right, the limit is only 100https://imgur.com/a/JToCmAT

J-BusinessDirectory Maps

   - I use the JBD Maps plugin and have it set for 1,000: https://imgur.com/a/wJpy2C1

Infinity Scrolling

   - I believe there should be a textbox allowing the admin to enter their desired number.

   - This is especially true with the development of infinity scrolling introduced in JBD 5.7.0.

Yes, it's ok with the search module with a map, there is no map plugin, right ?
But yes it would be better to allow the admin to enter his desired number.


Search Module:

   - I disliked using the search map module.

   - For me, it seems to load on the homepage template.

   - Therefore, the search map is loaded after various other listings even if it is on a page by itself.

JBD Maps Plugin

   - I dislike that it uses the JBD default Map selection in General Settings.

   - It should allow using Google Maps for JBD and OpenStreetMaps for the maps plugin or vice versa.

   - OpenStreetMaps works great; but, the Google Maps features are very poor: clustering/zooming/grouping

   - No navigation to select certain categories to display on the map. 

Hi, this problem still exists in JBusiness Directory 5.8.4. Please would it be possible to show more than 100 listings on the same map / page without using map module ? Thanks, Catherine