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I use JCE pro as my defualt editor and it shows up in all components but does not show up in Jbusiness Directory.

Actually, no editor toolbars show up no matter what editor I choose in global config (joomla)

Is there a know issue with some Helix templates?


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I have Joomla 4.2.2, Helix Ultimate 2.0.11, JBD 5.7.6, JCE editor Pro 2.9.29 and SP Pagebuilder Pro 4.0.3

No problem loading JCE for description field there little problem with css for selector only.

Check the JCE configuration profiles so you have the right settings there.

Thank you for the assistance.

I was able to resolve the issue quite easily since the editor (any editor) would not appear on the front end Business Description because I didn't not include "Html Description" as one of the package attributes of the package I was testing.  So the bottom line is, the editor is somehow connected to the attribute.  Never expected that.  LOL

Make sure you set your permission levels for front-end users too!


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