J-BusinessDirectory - One process associated with the update has not been performed successfully. Please run the installation process again!

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I just bought and installed via quickstart the directory then used the backend to update and this is the message it is giving but also says Updating component was successful. So is it successful or not? Do i have to run the install again? and if so how do i do that?

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This is a billion question bcs its soo much info data to share i f we can help you. I think the best is to create a support ticket and let junkies fix this for you.


Do you use Joomla 4.0.3 ?


Best of luck!

I will create a support ticket and no I am using 3.10 for I was not sure if it would work with joomla 4


This is usually happening when updating from a version before 5.5.
You just need to run the installation again and all will be OK.