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Hi there.

I edited an existing listing item from the QuickStart  package.   firstly, and I added an image to represent the listing,  and then I added a business cover image.  they seem to save okay.  I was unable to see these images on the front-end of the website.

Later however having no understanding how, the images are lost and are no longer displayed in the front end or the backend!

Here is the URL of the image that shows and then disappears....


Any ideas why the images disappear?



2 replies

1. What version of Joomla are you using?

2. What version of JBD are you using?

3. Are you entering images on the front end or back end? 

4. What are the sizes of the images?

5. What is the format of the images?

6. Depending on your setup, changes may not be shown on the front end immediately, if you have caches: (1) hosting caches, (2) browser caches, (3) JBD caches, (4) router caches, or (5) Joomla caches. There might be other caches as well.

Hi Joe

I found that DNS was causing this issue!

I think its now resolved.