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I've sent a couple of contact emails over the past day or so, and go no response. Wondering generally how long it takes to respond to customers?


Also, I've tried to export from my directory and us the CSV file there to import, but it does not work.


Can you please give me an Excel template that I can use to import listings that actually works? VERY frustrating not being able to figure out how to import from CSV. Does this actually work? At this point, a template that actually WORKS would be great.



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Please open a ticket with our store, we'll look into it asap.

If blank excel -> Data -> From Text/CSV -> Import and follow wizard


Did you try to import direct comma and semicolon



Good that you test this.


Did you first do an export and then tried to import an updated excel csv file and it didnt work?




The CSV file cannot be imported using phpMyAdmin toold. The CSV file needs to be imported with the JBD import tool.
The CSV file needs to contain the business data in one row. You can edit the CSV file with a plain editor to make sure the format is OK.

I will try this with many new categories and hope it works with this export/import tool.

One thing is to make it work with several languages and that it work for that too with translations to english :)


The listing data is imported into multiple tables. When you do a manual import you can import the data only in one table.
The import is not working in your case because the CSV file is not correctly formatted. You have new lines into your data that breaks the CSV.