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Hi, this has been driving me nuts!!! :D
My root category is named (for the sake of example) Oranges & Lemons, and the url alias is set to orange-and-lemons.
URL fields (under SEO settings) is set to category + region + city: so the url should be: domain.com/oranges-and-lemons/region/city/business-name
However, the domain comes out to: domain.com/oranges-lemons/region/city/busines-name
Only if I change the category name itself to Oranges and Lemons, does the url render correctly.
Just to prove the case, if I leave the root category name as Oranges and Lemons, but set the alias to oranges-lemons, the url still renders as I wish it too.
Except, haha, I don't want the root category on the front end to be written Oranges & Lemons, as it doesn't look right in that context.
I don't know if the same happens when a category isn't root sorry :P
So glad I found the issue, as above was driving me crazy not being able to find the issue :D


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The ULR of the business listing should take into consideration the category alias.
We will check to see what is causing the issue.

Thank you George! :)