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Since Update Business Location Region & City not fillable.

Business Location Region & City have become dropdowns and can no longer be filled in resulting in not being able to create a business listing.

Now you must Enter All the Region & City in your database manually and this could take forever.


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I'm not experiencing this with the update. Did you check General Settings -> Front end -> 'Limit cities and regions' to verify it's not set to yes?

Thank you!

Confirmed this is the issue and that was the fix. however, this is something new and I believe that the setting has changed since an update since I haven't changed any configurations since.

I have the same problem.  I'm using Bing, and the "Address autocomplete configuration" is confusing and not in the documentation.

What the heck are:

Street number
Administrative Area Level 1
Administrative Area Level 2
Postal code

There are obvious knowns, but "district? adminDistrict?"

I have to put the site development on hold until this is resolved - try telling the client this!


The cities.regions selection had some issues in an older version that has been fixed in 5.7.4 version. Please update to the latest version.

The autocomplete address fields are showing to be able to do some mapping between your address fields and autocomplete fields.
In some cases the autocomplete is not working and need manual adjustment.

Installed version is 5.7.5

Try using the auto-complete here in Asia.

For example, you buy 5 lots of land and they combine the 5 addresses into 1 address.

Auto-complete gives totally wrong information.

I bet it works pretty good in countries like the USA and Canada.

I wish it could be turned off totally to avoid front-end confusion. 


Also, users need to modify the auto-complete address as they need to add Floor Numbers and Building Numbers as JBD does not have these fields for addresses. 

A problem arises when there is a 100-story building with 500 offices/Department Stores/Residences/Malls or when there is a business with many different buildings.

@Jeff - please create a ticket on store and provide us admin access.
@Joe - you can use the autocomplete map configuration to map the fields, in the general settings - click on the wheel icon in the map configuration section.