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I think it would be really useful to have access to a (paid for) module which in a semi-automated way, can take a snapshot of a listing business's website (whatever page on their site looks best after navigating past cookie notices, etc) and then auto insert the taken image (once checked/confirmed) for the main image needed for search listings and business listings (with the right aspect ratios for each template combinations).

Especially when populating a directory with lots of very basic free listings, it's sorting out the images which takes the time (as having a standard holding image doesn't look good). Hence why such a module would be really useful imo. And small sized, lowish res images of websites can look really good and professional and enticing - and are of course, totally relevant image wise.

Would be useful for both admin to use via the backend - and business users initially setting up their listing and needing some relevant images to get going.

I've seen this system/process in use on other directory scripts which were hugely popular in their time. Tbh, knowing how useful such functionality is, I was almost tempted to go with a far lesser script then JBD, but nevertheless had such functionality built into it.

Of course it's a process which can be done manually, however being able to 'system' navigate to the business listing's website, find a good looking page, take an image of it which is then auto resized and inserted in the right places is 100s times more simple and easier :)


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Thank you for your suggestion.
We will consider this for future development.