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Hi, dare I post another suggestion/request. Please forgive me!


What I have learned over the years when complex info is required from a user (I mean from not doing it quite right!) is that it is best to capture and lock in the most basic info to begin with. Then once that info is captured and fully saved - more complex and involved info can be entered by the uer bit by bit at their own pace.


This is quite a diferent process from having an all-in-one business listing process (or at least somehting which seems like it is an all-in-one process to the user).


Without this staged and very clearly delineated process - it can just be too much for a user. Ever a save option for when part way through an all-in-one type process can be too much imo - and lead to abandonment.


So imo, all that is required initially is say:

-business name
-business web address and street address (if relevant)
-business email
-business telephone


These should then be locked in and then ideally the user returned to a page where they can start entering more detail such as, in most important order:

-a logo image
-short description


Again, ideal if these can be locked in and the user returned to the overview page, so they can choose other things later again to enter - although at this stage, sufficient elements have been entered so as to make a listing go live. Remaining things are really extras in my optinion.

Asking for info such as meta data and keywords really need to be asked for last, along with an explanation of what it is - given many users will likely get stuck on this.

Imo this is the type of process which the most successful sites utilize, such as KDP Kindle publishing for example - which requires a considerable amount of info and detail to be entered by a user.

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I think it is a good idea to work to on something like that



We are always open for suggestions/improvements.
We were also thinking about simplifying the business registration. We will check also the KDP Kindle publishing.