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Hi, thank you for this release. I have focussed on testing the business setup and registration - and this is my feedback (and questions, etc). Several of the points are minor things, or just requests for clarification.

a) Something doesn't seem right with the user registration after setting up a business listing. A name, username, email and password are asked for during registration. However, when trying to log in afterwards, though a username and password is asked for, a username (or name) is not accepted, rather only the email entered into the username field (plus password is accepted and works). Also, even though the user was created after creating a business listing, the user is not added to the (existing) 'business user group' (as specified in general settings) and this also is preventing the proper linking of the dashboard link (in user dorpdown) to the busines lissting admin panel.

b) What is the new 'custom image gallery' media upload section for please. And if not required for the templates I am using, how can I turn off.

c) When in the business editing screens, the extend package links don't work (though in the users admin panel, the extend link does hyperlink to the right script url). The error msg is: 'Call to a member function extendPeriod() on bool'

d) Please, is the 'Portfolio' functionality still going to be added to packages?

e) On the packages page, the time period which the payment covers seems to have dissapeared.

f) The 'upload all' button still shows on most media upload screens, but it doesn't seem to have any functionality?

g) A downgrading of a package is still permitted. Given it confuses things and then creates an invoice showing funds owed back - I think it might just be best to prevent a downgrading of a package until renewal time. (Out of interest, how it is at present, is the amount showing as returnable, prorated for the time remaining?).

h) Please, on the image gallery upload area, what is the middle icon image for (which switches between a tick and cancelled when pressed).

i) When using Bing as the map provider and the address auto-fill - the city doesn't get filled in. In the General settings > Front end > 'Address autocomplete configuration' I've tried adding city to other fields, but the city still doesn't get filled with the entry showing in the autocomplete field.

j) A general question about using attachments functionality and security. Given the url to attachments is easily ascertainable from the front end, are the attachments still secure. Also, there doesn't seem to be a viable joomla virus checker which can just check a single upload directory - and anyway, I'm wondering if it is a safe practice to allow users to upload pdfs or words docs, etc, in terms of potential viruses. Maybe it would be more secure only to allow PDF docs - please could this be set?

k) The selection of types in the side bar still isn't functioning in a manner which is right and intuitive imo. When a second type is selected, it doesn't swap the previous one out with it (and indicate as such on the horizontal bar display info), but rather sort of layers them on top of each other invisibly (and then unlayers them as each is clicked off in the horizontal bar display. I have a support ticket from a while back on this number: LMS-75267 and the issue is better described in there. I feel this is worth getting right please.

l) Oh, one last thing! I see the templates I use have been updated after the upgrade and many changes I made have been reverted (though I kept a log of them so can redo). Just for my info, is it usual that templates will be updated (and/or the standard original files included) in release files. I guess I would need to remove them from the update zip file before upgrading?

Thank you.

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Sorry, an extra thing:

m) I can't get creating a standard user account (non business listing) to work. Right after I enter registration details and press register, it just flips over to the Business Account Registration page (/?view=businessuser) - and no user account is created in Joomla.

Also, the sign in with Google, etc doesn't seem to be functioning either (though maybe that is because I haven't set somehting in the backend?).





Thank you for your feedback, 5.6.1 release candidate has been released. Please have a look and let us know if your issues persists.

Great, thank you laughing

I loved your remarks, they are important. Regarding auto-complete address, I submitted a ticket months ago talking about this issue and was told that I would enter the next update that would come out next week (at the time of the ticket). However, the update took weeks to come out and nothing has been done until the current version.

I noted that I must always extend a few more weeks when the CMS team gives a deadline. I also want to leave a note regarding the User Manual for this version, there are many features not described.

Jasmin, about the listing template files (I believe that's it) they are all replaced. Last check I made up to the area in General Settings for file changes didn't seem to work very well. I always have a copy and a list of the files I've changed and what's changed to back up.

Hi you can and should always have your changed files in the template files ie like /public_html/templates/shaper_helixultimate/html/com_jbusinessdirectory/the_changed_file override


Similar like for css there if you not have the new css paste in JBD admin backend there




If JBD is updated or other components etc you still have your custom css and file changes intact