J-BusinessDirectory - Update JBD 5.6.7 create critical error multisite listings, offers and events!

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The update on my download area have only one JBD script file JBD 5.6.7 and one other that is a JBD 5.6.6 file (small without pictures )


I have done a update with the larger file with pictures but this update doesnt work with a multilangauge site for business listings item creating an error:


Attempt to assign property "street_number" on null


For offers and events it cant find the items. But for English version everything works!


I have redone this update and the site work well with the version before JBD 5.6.6 but new version JBD 5.6.7 creates this error issues.



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Got this fixed now and seems to be something that causes this for the Joomla 4 update.


Thks cmsjunkie team!

I am using the most current versions of Joomla 4 and JBD.

I am having multiple issues entering offers using the front end on a business user group account.

I submitted a ticket outlining some of the issues encountered.

I will try entering an event tomorrow and will report back.

I tested entering an Event today using the front end.

All works well except a user cannot access the "Description" textbox.

If you click on the "Description" box nothing happens.

I submitted a ticket on the issue.

As usual, I have not dobt that CMS will fix it right away.


I just tested again and entering offers and events works perfectly.

What wonderful support we have here at CMS.

Thank you, CMS for your constant 100 percent perfect support.