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I am wondering if it is possible to use only "Country" and "City" for listings?

I am assuming that I just enter cities in the regions fields.

Then I rename "Regions" to "Cities" in Joomla overrides?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Good suggestions


I would like to use the JBD Location module with Country,CITY only too as now it is region, city.

I sent a ticket to CMS talking about just that. The "region" model in some countries works differently, being "state" and "city". When using autocompletion in the company address editing area, there is a problem with the plugin, making "state" or "region" have the same name as the city.

So far I haven't had a response to this ticket, I believe it's due to the support period that expired. It turns out that the ticket was opened during a valid support period, expiring days later. Anyway, it remains unanswered.