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If you try to access your website from JED, Malwarebytes detects a Phishing attack.

For some reason, the Malwarebytes pop-up in the lower right-hand window is not showing on the video.

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We had some hacks on the website but all have been removed now.
We will check to see why do you still get the warning.

Yes, I just checked again and Malewarebytes is still blocking your website for Phishing.

I had this problem too with Malwarebytes Premium before..

Yes, exactly, I am using Malwarebytes Premium as well.

Malwarebytes is very, very recommended in the online gaming industry.



The warning should be removed now.
The malware was removed in the last week by they required us to contacted them to be removed from the list.
Please let us know if the warning still persists to contact them again.

The issue is fixed.

I have no phishing warning now.

I am glad it is fixed as I would always just skip your script while searching the JED.