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What is the progress on Elastic Search?

- If company name is directly selected from auto-suggestion list, eg CT Systems, list showing overview of companies with the same strings in the description.

- Why if company selected also not going direct to listing (i/o listing overview)? Any solution?

- With auto-suggestion, companies with the same string in the name are displayed alphabetically i/o companies staring with same string.

- If auto-suggestion, suggest companies with 'higher' package or featured are on top of list and maybe marked

- If search keyword is required, only from 1 to setting, pop-up is showed (Minimum number of search letters must be at least x). Why not if no letter is entered (red border not very clear)

- Want to limit the total search results, not per page, but in general. Maybe suggested feature or already solution?

Thx, Robert













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Any response / advise ?