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1. The related companies field does only show up in admin area and NOT in front-end editing as a registered user.

2. Searching with zip code shows short coordinates in listings view (search results) and sometimes it's not possible to click them away, it sometimes does not really reload the search without the coordinates till you choose another zip code/city. (Edit: it works now, I found the error in my CDNs configuration). But: In my opinion the cooridinates should not be shown anyway, it could be little confusing to the users. Why not just the city name and nothing else? But: If you just click the coordinates away and let the city stay, then all entries appear again (not only those of the city).

3. Searching a city without clicking a city that is suggested by Google does not find correct city listings.

4. It would be also good for admin to set not only a maximum radius for search but a minimum radius too cause if you select radius=0 all entries show up. I made an override with 10km so it's ok for me but would be a good option on update.

5. If you search and go to the search result (listings) page TWO, click an entry and go back to search results then not the second search result page is loading but the first page of listings. Same in the catalog.

6. The sorting by distance does not work correct.

I am still amazed at how the directory has developed in recent years :-) .

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1. Please make sure that the attribute is set to show in the directory general settings -> attribute configuration tab.
2. This has been changed in 5.4.1 version.
3. You have to make sure that the google map api key are correctly set. The location is retrieved based on the second map api key which should have no restrictions.
4. The possibility is already present on the search module. There is a max radius field present.
5. We will try to improve this.
6. The distance ordering is working only if the user location is detected and the listing location is set.

Thank you for your appreciation :)