Mobile Apps: Why is It So Important for Businesses?

Mobile Apps: Why is It So Important for Businesses?


Why is it Important for Businesses?

The vast difference in mobile vs PC platforms is the biggest reason for success. Even more obvious, if you need to create a mobile app, the chances are more than the people, who don’t own a smartphone. The mobile app has the ability to capture the potentials of the market in a better way. Let’s see some numbers and trends. Over 45% of users are active on their mobile devices, according to GoApp. 14 million developers in the world are developing apps for the mobile platform, as per SensorTower. 37% people in the world use smartphones as their primary internet-connected devices, as per GoApp. App developers are mostly focused on social networks, mainly Facebook. More than half of the developer community is using Facebook, as per StackOverflow.


What Does It Mean to Have an App?

It is no more a question of whether you should have an app or not; it's a matter of whether you should take the plunge now. Considerations to Keep in Mind If you are an owner of a business or you work as an employee, here are some of the factors you should keep in mind before you sign up for a mobile app development. You Should Pick an Agile Methodology. When it comes to creating an app, agile is the way to go. It's an iterative and interactive development method that helps businesses to create more and more updates in less time. Choosing an Automated App Testing Tool Before going ahead with a mobile app, you need to check your app for bugs and glitches. The app testing tool helps you with testing and fixing bugs faster.


The Benefits of Having a Mobile App

Apps provide several benefits for businesses or SMEs. Here are the top five key benefits of having a mobile app for your business:

Social and Mobile Contests

An app helps you to be in the social media limelight with mobile contests and sweepstakes. You can promote your business in an innovative and fun way with social media contest and sweepstakes.

Find Opportunities and Assess Business Needs Faster

An app helps you to build an app development team, which can offer you services in short period of time. And, it will help you to meet your short-term and long-term business goals without investing a lot of money. It saves you time and money and improves your business operations.


How to Get Started with Mobile Apps

So, you want to develop an app but do not know how to do it, fear not! You can turn to mobile app development services at CMSJunkie. Once you sign up for the CMSJunkie mobile app development services, the builder or the developer will work for you. The builder will take the responsibility of developing an app for you and testing it. The build cycle of an app can take time. However, your builder will give you the results of the test and direct you where to go.


The Advantages of Building a Mobile App Yourself

Mobile app development is a big trend these days, and there are several reasons why you must consider it for your business growth and development. Let us examine why it is so important to choose this option.

You Can Save Money - If you are planning on running a business, developing an app should not cost you too much. We all know that the most important element in marketing is advertising, and you need to spend a lot of money on advertising to grow your business. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your business lean and realize the ROI from your app. By developing an app yourself, you can save money and yet have a good product that your customers love.

It is Easy to Use -  You can easily build an app, and that is the best part of it.


How to Keep Up with the Competition

Keeping up with your competitor is a big challenge for you. The only way to beat your competitors is to get to the top of the charts with the most apps developed. This includes mobile apps for employees and customers.

Customers Will Use Mobile Apps to Make Connections and Connect with Others - since customers are on their mobile phones, you must develop a mobile app for your business to tap into the market and attract more customers. After the customer download the app on their phone, they would then access it to contact you for services.

New Customers Will Come from Your Mobile App - in addition to new customers, users might also interact with your app to contact you for more information.