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Hi, I updated recently JB to the stable version 5.7.4 & Joomla to the latest version and surly enough the toolbar with the formatting options disappeared (that is attached to the top of the editor window). I tried to purge the cache, without result. I would appreciate some help. 

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I just tested this issue.

I CONFIRM that I have the same issue as well.

On my setup, all featured listings have access to the formatting toolbar; however, the formatting toolbar is missing:

   - URL Link: https://imgur.com/a/snbYHY2

If two tests confirmed open an ticket. I use JCE and have not tested this yet...


I use to use JCE for JBD but there was an issue.

I believe the problem was that users were not able to enter data into the textboxes.

I ended up only using JCE for the administrator to avoid the problem.

Not sure if it was fixed.

Might want to test it.

The JBD extension does not alter the editor functionality.
This must be caused by some miss configurations.

Please point me to the proper configuration steps for TinyMCE, as this is not working.

When I click the 'toggle editor' button the textbox opens and closes, but NO editor (TinyMCE) appears.

Please note, my default editor is TinyMCE.

thanks everyone for taking time to read and answer my question. I still havent found a solution and just opened a ticket. If you have something that works for you, I would appreciate if you tell me. 

I went back to review all settings.

Did not find a solution and the TinyMCE toolbar is still not appearing.

For me, the text box opens and closes when "Toggle Editor" is clicked.

However, no toolbar appears. 

I have not problem sofar ..pls check these settings and here info videos about JCE


"Startup Content

A blank page with a blinking cursor can sometimes be the death of creativity, or conversely, allow content creators a little too much freedom.

The Startup Content parameter in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced, allows you to set an html file or html content that will be loaded into the editor when a new article is created.

Use this startup content as a framework to inspire you, or to help keep your content creators on message!"

Startup content


Toolsbar JCE


Hi, thanks for your answer. I am kinda confused right now and start questioning my ability to explain the problem. Are we talking about the same thing? I am reffering to this editor ---> https://imgur.com/a/AF5D0JH (URL link). As far as I understand, Joe Can has the same issue. Somehow I dont understand how article template is responsible for JB/new business/ template. I tried to replicate your video snippet, but I dont even have the same function like you. Till the recent Joomla update I didnt have any problems(Toggle editor was there and worked perfectly). I updated Joomla and it disappeared. 


I think ssnobben posted his comment on the wrong thread as this is only a TinyMCE issue NOT a JCE issue.

I still have not been able to make TinyMCE work at all.

I am waiting for a reply from CMS.

Maybe ssnobben can delete his above post to avoid confusion.

I got you Joe.

It is extremely strange to me that only two people have this problem. I would have experienced more people to show up. Joe, please let me know if you find some solution here. I am basically stuck without this editor. 


   - Most admins use JCE to format text.

   - Others, just let others find, report, and fix bugs.

   - Some never test and do not know the bug exists.

   - While others do not use the forum and just open a ticket on the issue.

Please let me know how CMS responds to the ticket you opened on the issue.


the tech support performed some tests and found that the bug comes from Joomla version 4.1.4. They will further investigate and try to find a working solution. So, I will keep you/all updated. Hopefully they will fix it. 


Yes, thank you, please keep me updated.

Hopefully, there will be a fix on the next release.

For the TinyMCE and JCE editor, the issues are only with Joomla 4.1.4
There were some recent changes or there is a bug on Joomla. We are checking this further.


I think this is ONLY a TinyMCE issue.

Ssnobben recently confirmed that there are no issues with JCE.

   - See here: https://www.cmsjunkie.com/forum/j-businessdirectory/jce-editor-is-not-compatible-with-component

   - Quote: "I guess you have some problem with JCE editor profile settings mgt I have latest version JCE pro and it working fine with JBD tested it again."


"[T]he issues are only with Joomla 4.1.4"

Not true.

I just confirmed that the TinyMCE problem also exists in Joomla v4.1.5.

To avoid confusion, let's keep this a TimyMCE thread.

JCE is based on TinyMCE.
They add more settings to the TinyMCE editor.

The issue with TinyMCE is present on all Joomla 4.1.x versions.

I also use JBD but don't get the same error as you

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