Version 5.8.20 of JBD introduces significant improvements to search functionality, along with fixes to ensure stability and reliability. Users will experience enhanced search filters, accurate geolocation filtering, and improved performance across various modules. Additionally, bug fixes address issues related to date handling, multilingual validation, and QR code generation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Key Highlights:

  1. Search Filter Enhancements: Enhanced search filters for business listings, offers, and events to provide users with more accurate and refined search results.

  2. Twitter Icon Update: Updated the application with the latest Twitter icon to maintain a modern and up-to-date appearance.

  3. Improved Opening Status for Business Listings: Enhanced opening status statistics for business listings, offering users more comprehensive insights into their listing performance.

  4. QR Code Generation Fix: Addressed issues with QR code generation, ensuring that QR codes are generated correctly and reliably for users.

  5. Multilingual Validation Fix: Fixed multilingual validation errors within the user module, ensuring consistent and accurate data validation across different languages.

  6. Date Handling Correction: Resolved a bug where dates were being saved as empty when adding or updating items, ensuring accurate date information is stored.

  7. Pagination Fix for Business Listings Search: Fixed pagination issues for business listings search, ensuring users can navigate search results smoothly.

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