Looking to create a comprehensive directory website for businesses, organizations, people, events, medical doctors, therapists, and more? Look no further than J-Business Directory, the most advanced directory extension for Joomla! With thousands of websites powered by J-Business Directory, this versatile extension offers an abundance of features and tools to help you achieve directory success.

Whether you're creating a simple or complex directory, J-Business Directory has the right recipe for success. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, you can easily customize your directory to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from a variety of listing types, categories, custom fields, and more to make your directory truly unique.


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What makes JBD unique?

The Business Directory is not just a simple directory extension, it is the most advanced directory extension for Joomla!

The J-BusinessDirectory doesn't only pack an abundance of features, it also provides the means to complement your directory with events, event bookings, appointments, offers, quote requests, campaigns, conferences and mobile apps.


Enhance your business directory software with the available addons, payment processors and core extensions. All crafted to get the best out of your business directory.

  • Payment processors - diversify your payment options to make it easier for your customers.
  • Core extensions - extend your directory functionality with the core extensions.
  • Addons - enhance your directory functionality with the offered addons.

Increase your audience with mobile apps

Growing your customer base and increasing collaboration has never been easier. Professionally crafted for the needs of directory users the Business Directory Mobile Apps offer convenience and ease of use.

With over 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, having a mobile application for your website is a must. Get your own apps now and customize them to match your brand/liking. It's easy like that!

Flexible Powerful Pricing Plans

Create multiple plans, with the possibility to customize the included features. You can offer multiple plans with different features included.


  • Generate income - the pricing plans give you plenty of ways to generate income.
  • Customize the plans based on your features - create multiple plans with the possibility to customize the included features.
  • Recurring payments - enable recurring payment with our JBD premium apps for PayPal, Stripe and PayFast.
  • Multiple payment gateways available - multiple payment methods are available to provide the best option for you.



Extend the core Business Directory functionality by adding the possibility of selling/buying offers. Business owners can now sell their offers online and manage orders made, all in one place.

Enable online offers to be sold online and increase overall income and engagement of your directory platform.

How does it work?

  • Business owners define their online offers by setting a quantity along with a minimum and a maximum on the quantity that can be ordered.
  • Once the offers selling has been enabled, customers can purchase online offers using the “Add to cart” button.



Showcase events for your directory with the fully featured Events functionality. Allow owners to promote their business by creating highly attractive events.

Complement the events functionality with the offered addons.

  • Event Appointements - Benefit a flexible event online appointment booking functionality that provides the possibility to book appointments with a company that is participating in an event.
  • Event Bookings - sell tickets to your ongoing events and to automate the process of booking.
  • Recurring Events - take out the manual work of creating the same event over and over for events that run on a recurring basis



Stay on top of your directory with the provided statistics. Business owners can access a series of statistics (number of views, website clicks, contacts, share number and article clicks)

Send email notifications to business owners to let them know how their listing is performing. Business owners get insight into following metrics: Total View Count, Monthly View Count, Monthly Articles Views, Total Average Rating, Reviews Number.



Take advantage of multiple configurations possibilities and features to take full control of your directory site and also to provide the best user experience. We include options for everything from the smallest detail to the biggest features.

Claim Listings

Don’t wait for business owners to come to you! Entice them to sign up with our claim a listing function. Populate your site by inputting tons of listings, then let business owners claim and pay for the listing.

Advanced Search

Enjoy the benefits of the advanced search with the category-specific filtering.

User Generated Ratings and Reviews

Give people a reason to come back to your site again and again with user reviews. Businesses are rated on a five-star rating system with the possibility of defining multiple review criteria.

Google map with business listings

Finding/Setting a business listing location hasn't been easier. Business listing locations are shown on search and catalog page. Business owners have the possibility to define the exact location.

Multiple Configuration & Features

Personalize your extension with the help of multiple configuration options that will make your site look the way you want it! We provide multiple settings in general application settings to allow full control of functionality and display.

Opening hours

Give the business owners the possibility to enter their opening hours.

User Bookmarks

Your users will have the possibility to save the favorite business listings for later view.

Social networks integration

Social networks are an import aspect of marketing that you cannot ignore. We allow the integration with Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

A configuration of all business fields

We provide the possibility to configure each business field with the following options: Mandatory/Optional/No Show

Custom fields

You can create your own personal fields. Now you have the possibility to personalize the directory with the fields that you need.

Video integration

Videos can bring a plus on your presentation and it's included.


Protect your site from spam by activating CAPTCHA.

Multiple Views & Style

More views, more options. J-BusinessDirectory extension gives you the possibility to choose between multiple views to tailor the extension as you want it.

  • Multiple list views - you can choose the view that you like from the wide range of list views that we offer
  • Multiple item details views - you can choose the view that you like from the wide range of items details views that we offer
  • Multiple module views - you can choose the view that you like from the wide range of modules views that we offer

Powerful Addons

Enhance your directory website features by using one of our directory apps!

JBD Appointments

Appointments booking services

JBD Campaigns

Appointments booking services

JBD Event Bookings

Appointments booking services

JBD Event Appintments

Appointments booking services

JBD Recurring Events

Appointments booking services

JBD Sell Offers

Sell offers functionality

JBD Conference

Conference functionality

JBD Quote Requests

Quote requests functionality

Included JBD Extensions

The list of included extension that comes together with the J-BusinessDirectory extension

JBusinessDirectory Listings Search

Search through the existing business listings

JBusinessDirectory - Business Listings

Display the business listings

JBusinessDirectory Categories

Displays a list of the available business categories

JBusinessDirectory Offer Search

Search through the existing business offers

JBusinessDirectory Offers

Display the business offers

JBusinessCategories Offers

Displays a list of the available offers categories

JBusinessDirectory Event Search

Search through the existing business events

JBusinessDirectory Events

Display the business events

JBusinessCategories Events

Displays a list of the available events categories

JBD UrlTranslator

Creates SEO URL's based on the items alias.

JBusinessDirectory - Icons

Shows a section with some quick links in Joomla’s Control Panel.

JBD Progress

Track the progress of a user to add his own business listing.

Support & Updates

Our extension comes with a 6 months support & update period. After the support and update period expires you can still use our product for as long as you need, only your support & updates service expires.


  • In this period you can create tickets and forum posts that will be answered by our team in the shortest time possible.
  • After the support & update period expires you can still use our product but you will not benefit anymore of support & updates.
  • We recommend to stay up to date to take advantage of our frequent improvements that will bring value to your reservation functionality.