We are excited to announce the release of JBD version 5.8.17, bringing a multiple improvements and bug fixes to enhance your user experience.
This release focuses on optimizing billing details emails, streamlining the language save mechanism, and resolving various bugs, including issues with claim approval, warnings during item saving, and more.


  1. Enhanced billing details email functionality.
  2. Improved language save mechanism for quicker processing and overrides.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Resolved an issue with the claim approval process.
  2. Fixed warnings and addressed listing save errors.
  3. Corrected trial period amount and order amount discrepancies.
  4. Rectified the Ajax mechanism for multilingual websites.
  5. Addressed warnings encountered during item saving.
  6. Fixed the issue of empty reviews.
  7. Addressed module settings to ensure proper functionality.

Bug reporting

We have created a dedicated section for reporting bugs

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