Business Directory Android App

Business Directory Android App

Business Directory Android App

Growing your customer base and increasing collaboration has never been easier. Professionally crafted for the needs of directory users the J-Business Directory Mobile App offers convenience and ease of use. With over 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, having a mobile application for your website is a must.

This product applies for Android only. We do offer another app for IOS.

The Android app retrieves data in real-time from your business directory website database, so listings and reviews are never out of sync. It features a design according to the Android interface guidelines and is built based on native code, providing you with smooth page transitions coupled with great performance.


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Main features of the J-BusinessDirectory Mobile App

Inhouse initial setup You pick the colors and provide us the website address (of the business directory extension), logo, slider images, and texts (from the existing app) that you want to use and we will build the entire mobile application for you.

Business, Offer & Event Finder Intuitive finder with several search filters such as category, name or distance (measured from your location). Users can use one or all the available filters at once to find exactly what suits them best.

Landing screen Welcome screen with the possibility of login/register.

Map integration & directions Map screen displays all businesses as map pins. Users can easily access a store profile just by tapping a pin.

Comprehensive Item Presentation Effectively display all the necessary information for each listed business, offer, and event using relevant screens while engages the user with one tap actions.

Realtime chat functionality Connecting members effectively makes memberships more valuable.

Multilingual static and dynamic content The user can set its own language and see the whole content in the desired language. Profile screen Profile screen for managing the reviews and bookmarks, and access to other important sections.

Business owner dashboard Dashboard page for managing all business owner's data: business listings, offers, events, orders, and many others.

Mobile app settings Each user can update the settings according to their needs.

Notification system Business owners get notified when receiving reviews/bookmarks/messages. The site admin can send multiple notifications to all application users with news & offers.

Firebase integration The app provides you with a powerful, flexible solution for backend management, by integrating with Firebase. Firebase is a powerful solution for your mobile or web applications, through which you can power your app’s backend, including data persistence, user authentication, analytics data, file storage, and more.