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I've had a few weeks of frustration on this as I install my business listings, so hoping someone can provide me some help. I put in a ticket and received some answers, but maybe I am just too dumb to correctly understand (a great possibility).

I am preparing a database of companies that perform metal finishing services.

I created a category called "Finishing and Coating Operations" and the great folks at CMSJ helped me upload about 1,700 businesses.

However, each of the businesses belong to subcategories that I am trying to get them placed:

Main category: Finishing and Coating Operations

Subcategories: Electroplating, Anodizing, Powder Coating, Liquid Coating (note: each listing will be under 1 of these categories).

I had this set up (apparently wrong) in the CSV file they loaded for me; thus all the listing are just in the main category, "Finishing and Coating Operations"

The instructions I received back was this:

"The categories field should contain all categories/subcategories associated with the listing.  The main category should contain only one category.  The import needs to be run again. Please use the attached file as a base file.  Modify the file and then send it back to us."

My question is: Where in the CSV file do I add the subcategories items (i.e., Electroplating, Anodizing, Powder Coating, etc)

The file I received back is laid out:

Column A—Name: [Name of company]

Column B—Alias: (blank)

Column C—Categories: Finishing and Coating Operations

Column D—Main_Subcategories: (blank)

... and so on.

I would appreciate any guidance on where I add the subcategories so they flow in when we update?

Is it in the "categories" column in Column C, and if so how do I separate "Finishing and Coating Operations" and the subcategory item (i.e. Electroplating)?

Is it in the "main_categories" column in Column D?

Or is it some other way?

Many thanks for any advice, as I am 99.9987% set up and need to add the subcategories for the 1,700 listings.





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I think this must be sorted out by the CMSjunkies support if not working. The only help I know is the manual: https://cmsjunkie.com/docs/jbusinessdirectory/businessdiradmin.html


Import from CSV

In order to add categories from an existing source, the extension provides a tool to import from a CSV (comma separated values) file.


Before you start the import process you have to make sure that your file is correctly formatted. You can check if your file respects the rules below:

  1. CSV file values can be separated by a comma (,) or semicolon (;). They are called delimiters.

  2. Headers must be specified on the first line. Headers are case sensitive. Not all fields are mandatory.

  3. All records must be entered on one line.

  4. All lines should contain the same number of comma-separated fields. If the fields are empty you can leave it empty but add the delimiter. Each line has to have the same number of commas or semicolons.

  5. Any field may be quoted (with double quotes).

  6. Fields containing a line-break, and/or commas should be quoted. (If they are not, the file will likely be impossible to process correctly).

  7. Double quote character in a field is not allowed. You can replace double quote with single quote.

Here are the header fields:

  • name

  • subcategories

  • type - it represents the type of category. This type can be 1,2 or 3

    1. Business listing category

    2. Offer category

    3. Event category

    If type is not specified the default type will be applied which is 1 (Business listings)

E.g of CSV file

category;subcategories;type “Automotive & Motors”;”Automotive Tools,Tires ,Automotive Parts,Car Electronics”,1 “Books”;”Textbooks,Children’s Books”,”1” “Camera & Photography”;”Photography,Camera”;”1”

Thank you, ssnobben. Yes, the question is how to add subcategories and where the go in the file. It just remains foggy to me.


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