We're thrilled to announce the release of JBD 5.8.19, packed with enhancements and fixes to elevate your Joomla experience.
This update focuses on refining various aspects of the extension, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced functionality.

Key Highlights:

  1. New Fields: In this version, we introduce a addition – the "Areas Served" field on all details pages. This enhancement empowers users to specify the geographical regions they cater to, providing valuable information to potential clients.

  2. JBD Quotes App Improvements: Our Quotes App receives a boost in performance and usability, offering a more seamless experience for users. Expect enhanced features and smoother navigation as you utilize this indispensable tool for managing quotations.

  3. Multiple Bug Fixes: We've resolved several bugs across the platform, enhancing stability and reliability for a smoother user experience.

  4. Rendering Fixes: We've addressed issues related to the rendering of custom attributes, ensuring accurate display and functionality across all pages. You can now customize attributes with confidence, knowing they'll appear as intended.

  5. Category Attribute Mechanism: Fixed the attributes value lost on category changing mechanism, ensuring that changes made within categories are reflected accurately without any loss of data.

  6. Improved Events Module: Our events module receives enhancements for better performance and usability. Whether you're managing events or attending them, expect a smoother and more intuitive experience.

  7. Reports Fixes: We've resolved various issues within the reports feature, ensuring accurate data representation and reliable performance. Dive into your analytics with confidence, knowing that the reports reflect your business reality.

Upgrade Today: Don't miss out on these exciting updates! Upgrade to JBD 5.8.19 today to experience enhanced functionality, improved performance, and seamless operations. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with the latest features and fixes from JBD.

Upgrade now and take your Joomla experience to the next level with JBD 5.8.19!

Bug reporting

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