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As I already requested almost a year ago, there is a need for a substantial change in terms of SEO. If I search for any category or location my site does not appear on the first pages (a website that with other components is on the first page of Google). I purchased a plugin to try to solve the problem but this is the response from technical support:

The J-BusinessDirectory plugin not recognize the business category (Title, Description)

Do you mean that there aren't any mapping options available for the business category?

In BreadcrumbList missing the category (see scrennshot)

The Breadcrumbs Schema is created via the menu hierarchy provided by Joomla, so if Joomla doesn't provide us with category, it won't be available in the structured data.


Why would a customer pay to be on a website that no one can find?

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Thanks and your follow up on this very important issue for JBD crucial SEO development results.

The screenshot doesnt work to see if thats something you want to share too.

And I can agree that this is important results if the SEO isnt working as it should: Why would a customer pay to be on a website that no one can find?

Let's take an example: a user who uses a search engine uses simple words for example restaurants in Naples. If we have the category restaurants with many restaurants in various locations but neither the category nor the location is recognized by the search engine, never any restaurant in my website will appear in search. The only way to find a restaurant would be to search with the name of the restaurant but at that point a web directory loses the meaning of existing, hoping that it will appear on the first search pages given the SEO errors that exist. Virtually useless, for any business it is a good investment. The development of JBD should follow this indication which is the basis for a good result

Thanks for clarifying your arguments and hope CMS junkies can improve and come up with a solution.


Still there is "web directories" that have great impact and I see this article about it 

20 Web Directories You’ll Still Want To Use

So the trick is to make your JBD directory to the top 20!  :) and

"As you search for web directories, keep those two criteria in mind.

Consider these questions before you start filling out your listing:

  • Is this a reputable site? Put another way, if a customer saw me on this site, would they view my business as more – or less – legitimate?
  • Is my target audience likely to visit this site? If not, it’s probably not worth listing your business.

Now, let’s get into what you came here for: the web directories that are still relevant today."



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