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Upgraded to 5.5.2 RC2 all the geolocation services are not populating on the maps?

Type if address in backend in listing profile page, the address pop up in the auto search address from google, but once I click on the address it doesn't update the fields and it doesn't automatically update the map at the bottom?


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I have the same problem and i can see more of thing:


When i try to add a new second adress in one business has a trouble with geo, map, auto location and, when finished it the popup reload a page with all interface and menus and don't auto close it.

Auto location does'nt work and not insert the addres.

Try a new setting in backend try to find it there it should fix it



Please make sure that after an update you delete the browser cache.
If the issue persists please let us know.

I reverted back to 5.4.13 stable version. All the Geolocation is working on this version.

Same problem here after the update. also, events adding is not working and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Been trying to get this app to work for months but nothing but problems one after the other. support is not helping.