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helou, i have a question about this
i try the demo,in the section of user magnament,the system use his own user sytem? or use the pre existent users of joomla?

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Hi Hans, 

The J-HotelPortal has it's own user system that is based on Joomla user management. This allows you to define your own access roles and what features does a role access. In other words you can allow hotel admins to access their own settings but restrict them from general settings or portal specific settings. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 

oh ok sounds good, and how about the common users, they have their own dashboard? i mean, where they can check their reservations,invoices and that other stuff

) , i cant see them(options)

Yes, clients have their own dashboard where they can view/modify their reservations and profile. This features has just been release and it's going to be promoted to our demo servers in weeks to follow. 

:), and one last question :p.... this component has, modules for joomla like "recent hotels" "offers of the month" "popular hotels" something like that and what kind of joomla menu options have the component

The HotelPortal comes with 7 different modules as follows:

Hotels Reservation Module

Reservation Info Module
Featured Hotels Module
Nearby Hotels Module
Top Hotels Module
Top Offers Module
Week Offer Module

As menu item you can create the following:

List of hotels
User Dashboard

Let us know if there's anything else.

hi again mike, Iam interesting in buy this system and  I have 3 questions more :p

1-this system "JHotelPortal"http://www.cmsjunkie.com/joomla-hotel-portal  has spanish lenguaje?

2-its posible add discount coupons for reservations or special offers?

3-its stable for joomla version 3.2.0?


and the most important cmsjunkie have a special discount  this month of xmas :)?

Hi Hans, 


Please see your answers below. 

1. Yes, we do have Spanish language 

2. Currently you can add discount coupons for special offers. Discount coupons for reservation will be available in our next release. 

3. Yes, our software is stable for Joomla 3.2.0. 

4. We do have sale going on. Use the coupon sale when checking out. It will give you a 10% discount. 

hi mike, I am interested to buy the software, do you accept paypal?

Hi Hansel, 

We do accept PayPal. 

Let us know if there's anything else. 

ok :)

yes i have a one more question about payment processors

1. I tried the demo version, doing a reservation with paypal method and never redirects me to paypal, its because is the "test mode" ?

2-can I add more payment processors?, I mean, I dont have to install another plugin,code or component to work?

3- and how its works the invoice section?


thx for all the atention

ok :)

1. The PayPal processor doesn't redirect properly because of the demo structure we're using. This happens  only on the demo. 

2. To add a new processor one needs to develop it. It can be done by our team or by a developer. We will releases shortly instructions on how to do it. Currently we have the follwoing processors available 

     - PayPal 

     - Wire Transfer  

    - Ominkasa (Dutch)

    - Authorize.net

    - Offline Credit Card processor.   

 3. The invoice works like this:

At the beginning of each month an invoice is sent to hotels (based on a cron job) considering the commission charged for each reservation on the previous month. The room reservations commission rates can be set in when editing a hotel, in the Extra Options tab. For offers commission rates can be set in the Manage Offer section.

The invoicing process is a three-step process:
1. Generating the invoice
An invoice is generated and a booking list is sent to each hotel for acknowledgement and approval. 

2. Reservations sign off by hotel admins
The hotel admin has now the possibility to login on to the hotel portal site and check or cancel bookings or modify the amount paid.
In the Manage Invoice screen the hotel admin see a list of all the invoiced months along with a summary of the reservations costs total and Commission Costs total. Please see below

The hotel admin will be able to see the invoices only for the hotel(s) he/she manages. The portal administrator (Super User) will have access to all invoices.
The hotel admin can view an invoice details by click on the invoice number or by selecting an invoice and clicking the Edit button located at the top. The screen below will be displayed.

Initially when the hotel admin receives the invoice he/she can modify the status of the existing bookings. Some of the bookings have been canceled and the hotel admin can rectify their status.
The hotel admin modifying the invoice has to enter his/hers name to sign off the invoice and agree with the terms and conditions of the invoice.
3. Final Invoice
After 7 days the final invoice is generated and the hotel admin will no longer have the possibility to edit bookings.  

hi again mike :) I have purchased the software,

I wondering two things, I dont know if you can help me


1-about the rate calendar

well, for example I have a "price per room" and each room cost $900, but the calendar show me $450, I know this is because the sysrem divided / number of nights in this case $900/2 nights......but, it's possible show the price per room without divided, i mean show the $900 and not $450

2-about user reservation form

in this image you can see, I am log in with my user, but anyway everytime I do a reservation with my account I have to fill the fields, I don't know if it's possible, if some fields appear automatically, corresponding with the user account information..for example the name field and email

thanks for the atention

hi, any answere?

Hi Hansel, 

Sorry for the delay.

For the first point we can accomodate your request. Please send us your Joomla login and FTP via email. 

For the second point we don't have an autocomplete yet if the user is logged in. This will be available in future releases. 

:) sounds good mike , this have a cost for me? :o

and what is the email?

Hi Hansel, 

There is no cost involved. Send us the Joomla and FTP login via the contact form and address this. 

hi mike I am here again :)..thanks for the last modification


now i have a question I need some help, its about hotel reviews and about the invoices


I read the manual of reviews

I am trying to execute manually and nothing happens

I am login with my account(level registered)


and for the invoices

I am trying to execute manually this url


and I have this error

Fatal error: Class JHotelReservationControllerManageInvoicesFront cannot extend from interface JController in /home/alinstan/public_html/hoteles/components/com_jhotelreservation/controllers/manageinvoicesfront.php on line 22

the manual says i have to add this url`s to cron job , but I am not sure what are the correct urls to do

Hi Hansel, 

You're welcome. 

For the reviews the URL is correct. To have reviews sent out you need to have reservations with the checked out status. An review email is sent out to the customer one day after the checkout. 

In regards to the invoices we had a look and a file was out of sync. We've fixed that. Also invoices are generated for the previous month. You won't see any invoices until the next moth. 

Let us know if there's anything else.

ohhh :) thanks for the information and the fix


well.. Iam looking the print version of the reservations


and I am wondering where I can find the file to modify a little the  aspect

thanks again for the atention


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