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I ran the following test on Google PageSpeed Insights:

   - Joomla v4 RC5: 87 (My Website)

   - Joomla v3.9.28 + JBD v5.6.0: 48 (Edited with correct Joomla version)


   - WordPress v5.7.2: 98 (My Website)

   - WordPress v5.7.2 + JBD v2.0.1: 54 (DMS Junkie Demo)

I am wondering if there are any future plans to optimize JBD?

   - Link: PageSpeed Insights (google.com)

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Which sites(domains) did you do the tests? Do you have any links?

Thank you for your quick reply.

I also went to the CMS Junkie "Showcases" and tested them.

My above test for Joomla and WordPress are my two websites with nothing install on them but only used as a benchmark.

Here are the tests of 7 websites in the "Showcase"

   - Discover Whitanga: 3

   - Kruger Loweld: 15

   - Discover Balina: 27

   - Lokales Geweerbe: 19

   - Charleston: 32

   - US Breweries: 15

   - Povezujemo.si: 23

I do understand that some of the scorings depends on where the websites are hosted. 

My websites are hosted on SiteGround known specifically for performance.

I quickly reviewed the error and they seem to be javascript, images, CSS, etc.


The Business directory is already optimized for speed. We'll also have elastic search available for high volume directories.

Site speed depends on so many variables hence it's hard to profile from the showcase sites.

Marius B.
Helpdesk Specialist

Do you have a link to your site?


The general Joomla 4 and Wordpress tests are not accurate and false.


Pls give me the links to that repective test sites with detailed setup conditions respectively!

I there a way to send you a private message with the links.

I believe you want to evaluate two benchmark websites I used to test on Google SpageSpeed Insights?:

   - Joomla (90)

   - WordPress (98)

I have never heard that Google PageSpped testing is 'false'

This is Google's very own testing tool for developers.

In fact, Google Insights tells you specifically each issue it found listed one by one. 

The data is one of the various factors used to rank websites on search results.

I believe the main problem is that users are putting too many images and videos on their pages.

We'll also have elastic search available for high volume directories.


@Marius, above is already announced for more than 1 year, at least improvement of the search function in general. The latest promise was a couple of months ago and that will be implemented in version 5.6.0. (and 5.6 would be released very soon)

When will it be avilable?

Here is a before and after testing on Google PageSpped Insights:

   - Joomla  3.9.28: 90

   - Joomla 3.9.28 + JBD 5.5.12: 40 (fail)

My basic setup is as follows:

   - SiteGround Hosting

   - Only Demo Listings

   - Stripped out most default modules

   - No code modifications


...........Google PageSpeed Opportunities:...........

Opportunities: These suggestions can help your page load faster. They don't directly affect the Performance score.

Opportunity:                                                  Estimated Savings

Eliminate render-blocking resources                11.16 s      <------ Big Issue
Reduce unused JavaScript                              1.95 s
Serve images in next-gen formats                   1.8 s         <------ Acceptable as not compatible with older browsers
Reduce initial server response time                 1.41 s
Reduce unused CSS                                       0.75 s
Efficiently encode images                                0.3 s


...........Google PageSpeed Diagnostics:...........

Diagnostics: More information about the performance of your application. These numbers don't directly affect the Performance score.

- Ensure text remains visible during Webfont load
- Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
- Image elements do not have explicit width and height
- Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy 71 resources found
- Minimize main-thread work 3.1 s
- Avoid chaining critical requests 52 chains found
- Keep request counts low and transfer sizes small 82 requests • 2,476 KiB
- Largest Contentful Paint element 1 element found
- Avoid large layout shifts 3 elements found
- Avoid long main-thread tasks 6 long tasks found
- Avoid non-composited animations 3 animated elements found



Joe, please share a link, we can all have a look.

Robert, the elastic search will be released soon after the 5.6.1 version is released next week.

Marius B.
Helpdesk Specialist


Joe, for page speed optimization we recommend using other 3rd party extension like jchOptimize that will merge all js and css files into a single one.

I am willing to private message my URL but I can't figure out how on the forums.


I used the following setup installed for a NEW test:

   - Joomla! v3.9.28

   - Helix Ultimate v1.1.4

Nothing on the homepage except:

   - Main Menu

   - Footer Menu

The Google PageSpeed Insights test was 91.

So this test reveals the issues are NOT with Joomla or Helix.

All of the OTHER above tests with JBD had scores between 4 to 48 (fails).

My above test with 40 was with only the J-BusinessDirectory "Show Category" selected as the "Menu Item Type" for the homepage.


Helix does have the following two settings to merge all js and css files found here: Joomla Admin Panel > Extensions > Tempates > Stypes > Select Helix Template > Template Options > Advanced:

   - Compress CSS Files: Enable this option to compress and combine all CSS files to increase website performance by reducing loading time. 

   - Compress Javascript Files: Enable this option to compress and combine all Javascript files to increase website performance by reducing loading time. 

Does anyone have any prior experience using the above settings on JBD?


It is much easier to explain all this if we were able to upload photos onto the forums.

Currently, it appears that uploading images is bugged on the forums.



You can also try to Litespeed Joomla & server addons https://groups.google.com/g/litespeed-edge-users/c/gSvjEcHbJR0/m/DOnRwT_LBgAJ

LSCache for Joomla v1.5.1

In this release: Joomla 4 support, bug fixes, and more!

[New Feature] Joomla v4 RC4 support.
[New Feature] "Purge after Post Back" feature and GUI option.
[Update] Add ESI Module 'Separate View for Different Languages' option.
[Update] Add 'Generate LSCache Header before Render' GUI option to avoid conflicts with some 3rd party plugins.
[Update] Notify user to check and uncomment .htaccess directives after changing 'Separate View for Mobile Device' option value.
[Bug Fix] Address a virtuemart SQL error bug.
[Bug Fix] Address an Advanced ESI Module bug.