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I have a suggestion to make the JBusinessDirectory Listing Search module only show "active" categories, cities etc similar like you do for the "Menu item typ" --> Business listings where you can set up Category, Type, City, Region, Country... etc.

So when you set up Business listings with different options then these options when you go to that menu it only show active listings inserts of these but the module shows a l l of these. For example it shows all the categories instead of only the ones that have listings with set up for these different options.

So suggestion is to show this JBusinessDirectory Listing Search module similar like the Menu item typ --Business listings and only show active listing types. And also do the same for JBusinessDirectory Offer Search & JBusinessDirectory Events Search.


If possible.

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Use Filters instead. They only show i.e. categories with active items. Empty Categories are not shown. Search is faster aswell.

Hi Thomas, hmm I dont follow you here.

I talking about the module. The "JBusinessDirectory Listing Search" module and its a filter type module with settings for it. What module are you referring to? Whats the exact name of it?

And does it working really for only showing the active catagories? I know it does this when you create menus but not with the module that I pointed to ("They only show i.e. categories with active items")

We will take this into consideration for the future versions.


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