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Hi I wonder if anyone using Joomla 4SEF plugin and JBD 4SEF plg f and had any problem using it?

This is a powerful SEF Joomla addon as well https://weeblr.com/doc/products.forsef/current/plugins/

"Build a Joomla 4SEF plugin

You can build a real Joomla plugin to wrap and deliver your driver to users. This is quite simple in fact, and will take care of loading your driver early enough.

The /plugin/sample.php file contains your driver, as described in the Driver sample code paragraph above.

Here is the manifest file, sample.xml: ..............."


4SEF builds SEF URLs for a specific component by using a dedicated piece of code, tailored for that component. It comes with support for all native Joomla content types, plus some commonly used 3rd-party extensions.

For component without a specific support plugin, 4SEF fallbacks to using the component own router.php file, normally meant for use by Joomla SEF URLs system. This process is automatic and will work in most cases.

If you want to provide a more refined set of URLs for a component you use or built, you can create a SEF URL driver for 4SEF to do so.

The driver

A driver is at minimum a single PHP class file, which you can store anywhere you want. It can be part of your own component for instance, or inside a dedicated plugin (see paragraph below, Loading your driver).

The driver extends a base class provided by 4SEF and has 3 main roles:

  • build the SEF URL based on the non-sef variables, similar to Joomla's own router.php file
  • build the "normalized" non-sef URL. Most of that is done by 4SEF already, but you may want to remove some component-specific query variables.
  • optionally, determine if a SEF URL should be left non-SEF, which is sometimes handy and save space



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