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Hi Support, I am using a page with your Jbusiness category slider but Top level Categories that has child categories does not work.
For example, if I have Food Services > Restaurants, restaurants will not show when I click Food services. I can only guess because I am using a module for this ?

Or do I have to create a dedicated page just for the sub categories listing ? Thanks!

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When clicking on a category it should open the search results page for that category.
What page is open in your case?

Hi George,

For example, in Accomodations I have a sub category Tour Guide. If I click Accomodation, i just gives me results of what is included inside "accomodation" because accomodation is also a category in itself. So I will not reach listings in Tour Guides.

The setup I have for this is a module (category slider) on a page. How do I resolve this ?


Hi Support, any updates ? I take it there's no solution to this ?