J-BusinessDirectory - Error: 404 Page not found when trying to view business listings and offers on front end.

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I am getting an Error: 404 Page not found error when trying to view business listings and offers on front end. This started after the latest upgrade to 5.6.9 . The back end shows the entries, but when I click on View Business that error occurs. The Business Directory App (Google) is showing the entries fine, it's just the website that's giving that error. Please help as to what this could be?

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Did you just also update SP Page Builder to 3.8.3?

If so, see this thread for more information:

   URL: Updating Sp Page Builder To V-3-8-3 Breaks Jbdirectory - Question | JoomShaper

Your solution is to roll back SP Page Builder to 3.8.2 and wait for 3.8.4.

If you do not have the file, open a thread at JoomShaper's forum and refer to the link I posted above.

They will then share the file with you.

I think they can only share files on your own threads not the treads of others.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the assistance. I don't have the file for SP Page Builder 3.8.2 would you be able to provide that? I tried going to the link you provided, but that's for people on the paid version and I am not.

I am sure that you can also get a non-pro rollback as well. 

I don't have a non-pro 2.8.2 file.

Also, these forums are not set up to share files.

Thanks, I had the same problem.

I have the same issue. I can't find the roll back download. Please advise.

The file is being provided by JoomShaper as this is a JoomShaper issue, not CMS.

You need to go to their website and open a NEW ticket.

Make sure to refer to the following thread:

   - URL: https://www.joomshaper.com/forum/question/10590#qa-answer-52070

Then they will attach the file for you in their Hidden Content.

I believe they can share files with you on your own thread but not the thread of another person. 

You cannot create a ticket on their website unless you are on a paid subscription. I tried creating an account, but the account will not allow me to post a question on the forum. So the solution being given here does not work, unless you are on a paid version.

I just asked for the non-pro rollback file.

Hopefully, they will provide it in a few hours.


Also, I do not recommend using Helix Ultimate.

Their template is TOTALLY bugged.

Unfortunately, their solution to bugs is to provide you with CSS patches without them updating their code in future releases.


I strongly recommend not using Helix Ultimate if you intend to use StackIdea's products.

Helix is not compatible with their products.

Massive bugs everywhere.


I switched to YooTheme Pro yesterday, and so far only 1 issue with StackIdeas and 1 issue with CMS extension. 

I've been keeping an eye on the thread I posted for you on JoomShaper and still no reply.


Use another theme if possible!

If you go to JoomShaper's website everyone is angry and has constant bug reports that get CSS patches.

When an update comes around, the bugs you reported don't get fixed and you need to keep the CSS patches. 


I reported bugs at StackIdeas and they constantly tell me that NO bug exists with the default Joomla Template.

What they do is test the bug on Joomla's default template to evaluate the problem.

They correctly suggested having the template provider fix their template's problems.

Basically, they are not going to adapt their code to fix Helix bugs; another software developer told me something similar.

Now, I realize that probably many of the bugs reported here at CMS were caused by Helix.

Finally, a response from JoomShaper:


   - "Thanks for helping the community. You can ask free user to email us support@joomshaper.com. We will send the 3.8.2 lite version.


Email them quickly as I notice they close or slow down in about 6 hours from now.


However, I still recommend you don't use them.

Thanks Joe I have e-mailed them. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a designer so changing the website means hiring a developer. Will plan to do so when we do the next major overhaul of our site.


That is exactly what I thought in the beginning.

In the end, I spent so much time on template issues, every update, that it took too much time away from other import website management activities I need to learn: CRM, Newsletters, etc. 

Switching to YooTheme did take me about 10 hours to get everything to 90 percent.

They have hundreds of videos for you to follow along.

A great way to learn in my opinion. 

I finally got assisted on that support e-mail that you gave, Joe. I'll see if I can make the time to do the change you suggest. Just that running a near-one man show, re-design tends to occupy a lower rank to more pressing operational needs lol. Thanks very much for the assistance.

I learned my lesson now:

   1. Never insta-download updates the same day they are released,

   2. Study the extensions forums to see if there are any issues before updating,

   3. Akeeba backup right before every update,

   4. Never update on Friday before a long weekend or holidays when support is limited or unavailable,

   5. Keep up with support to have access to developers for questions and issues,

   6. Keep a file folder with previous versions of updates,

   7. Never update two extensions at the same time from two different providers, leave time in between,

   8. Prior to major updates, contact support to ensure their availability,

   9. Consider replacing secondary extensions if users are reporting many bugs on the developer's forums.





Invaluable advice, Joe. I will certainly keep it in mind.

If you have updated the SP Page Builder extension and you receive the 404 error, you will need to edit components/com_sppagebuilder/router.php and on line 108 delete the following section

throw new Exception(Text::_('JERROR_PAGE_NOT_FOUND'), 404);