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I cannot open the window "J-BusinessDirectory > Business > Listings" anymore.

Error message on the Joomla Admin

       str_repeat(): Argument #2 ($times) must be greater than or equal to 0

Error message on Frontend

       Unknown column 'xxx xxx' in 'where clause'

Do you have any idea where it may come from?

I don't know what I have done (wrong).
Because I tried to change many configurations, just to see how it will look like.

I am thinking to delete the software completely and make a clean install again.
And start setting up carefully.
Is it better?
I will appreciate for your advice.

Ichiro Nagata

On the internet I found the following information


BUT, due to lack of knowledge it is not possible to solve in my case.


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I would wait for CMS support to get back from the weekend.

It's probably just a wrong setting somewhere. 

I would only recommend reinstalling everything if you are making code changes.

If no code changes, don't worry, CMS provides 5-Star support.

Thank you

No, I am not capable to change codes. So, no code changes.

Can you please create a ticket on our store and provide us admin access to investigate this?