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Hi :)

Is there a way to force the user to first select a package in order to claim a listing? So if we only have paid package options (but a free package option for admin only to initially display unclaimed listings), they must choose their package and make the payment as part of the claiming process and can only then access their dashboard after they have paid. Currently they can claim their listing and are then moved into the Joomla user group giving them access to their dashboard even if they haven't chosen a package and made the payment.

Appreciate any assistance with this.



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I believe the present claiming process is correct.


First, even end-users (non-business users) have access to the dashboard to access features like subscriptions, ratings, JBD Appointments, JBD Event Appointments, JBD Event Bookings, JBD Quote Requests, etc. (maybe got one or two wrong here).


Second, I believe that JBD is set up to allow business-user the ability to window shop the features available in the dashboard to motivate them to buy a package.

If they try to access anything in the dashboard they get a "not-included" status and popup telling the end-user to upgrade their package.


However, there might be a workaround that I am not aware of.


In fact, CMS specifically mentions this topic in their documents (see below):


Offers or events are available to business owners even if the associated package does not contain the offer or event features

We allow access to all features for all members for the following reasons:

Marketing purpose - if a user can see all the features he is more willing to upgrade to a higher package Currently if a business owner creates an offer or event, and the feature is not included on package features, the status of the offer or event will be “not included’ and the items will not be shown on front-end. In this way, he can check the functionality and then decide if it should be used or not. If the options are hidden from the start the user is not willing to upgrade because he is not aware of the other options.

Package downgrade - if a package expires the business listing will be downgraded to a free package that usually does not have offers or events. In this way, he will lose access to managing his data.


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