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Thought I share this as there was a discussion around this in one of the previous posts...

We just completed the migration from J3/JBD 5.1.x to J4/JBD 5.7.4

Using Lightspeed for testing here are some insights into the perfomance gains.

Our site contains around 45,000 listings. We are utilizing categories, custom attributes, and business hours heavily.
There is NO Joomla caching activated and there is no plugin-based css/js optimization in place (e.g. JCHOptimize). We found they had no impact in our case.
The biggest impact certainly came from upgrading J3 and from no longer using SP Page Builder for static pages, as well as the signigicant gains from a much improved JBD search.
In addition, we wrote our own template for the listing page and unset some of the JBD js/css calls within the Joomla template, which helped with the number of requests and file size.

LightSpeed Scores: First number denotes mobile, second desktop.

General Joomla page (not using JBD)
- Before: 68 - 91
- After : 90 - 95

JBD Home Page (Loading the search content module)
- Before: 50 - 75
- After : 57 - 84

JBD Listing Page
- Before: 20 - 71
- After : 32 - 81

JBD Search Results Page
While we don't have LS results, for most searches (we included city, name, zip) it takes about 2 seconds to return and display 100 listings and the filters load within an additional 1-2 seconds.
This is significantly faster than what we saw before (more like 6 seconds). We also love that we can include custom attributes as filters (just waiting for a small fix which I think will be included in the upcoming version).

Curious what worked/did-not-work for others when trying to improve performance. Please share your story.



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What exactly do you attribute this performance boost to? the upgrade to Joomla 4 or you own custom template? I've been using TemplateToaster to build my own template and in testing have seen better performance than the JA template I'm currently using. How many categories are you working with?

Clearly both - Joomla 4 is significantly faster.  But also a very simple joomla template with unsetting unneeded JBD js/css files.  We think we might be able to get an additional boost from moving to another hosting provider now that the migration is done.  Looking into DigitalOcean is one of the options.

JBD has been highly improved in the 5.7.x when it comes to performance.
We have a newsletter for this as well, with the performance increase.

Yes, I confirm, I have super flash speed, but, I am not running very many other extensions and plugins.

Here is a discussion on the issue:

   - Title: Slow performance and error after last update to 5.7.4

   - URL: J-BusinessDirectory - Slow performance and error after last update to 5.7.4 (cmsjunkie.com)

I think that JBD is super fast but very buggy with other extensions that cause if JS issues.

When you create a website and have a lot of extension it is highly probable that you will have JS conflicts.
Some extensions merge all the libraries in a single JS file, and that can cause also issues and conflicts.
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do here.
All extensions must follow the Joomla standards to avoid JS errors.