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Can anyone assist with the following error:

JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL Duplicate entry '40' for key 'PRIMARY'
Extension Update: SQL error processing query: DB function failed with error number 1062
Duplicate entry '40' for key 'PRIMARY'
INSERT INTO `#__jbusinessdirectory_default_attributes` (`id`, `name`, `config`) VALUES ('40', 'services_list', '3');

I could use an answer asap as my site is only displaying the backend. The front end is white.
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Hey Brian,


Please use the Fix database while in the applications settings.

If that doesn't wrok please open a ticket with our store and send us your Joomla login, we'll have a look.



Marius B.
Helpdesk Specialist

You said, "Please use the Fix database while in the applications settings.."

But I can't do that because I get a white screen in the admin back end.

I have looked throughout my JBusinessDirectory app and do not see where I can Fix My Database.


Please assist.


Can you please create a ticket on our store and provide us admin access?