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I have 2 problems.

1st is more generell about using the openstreeetmap

Is there a chance to insert the OpenStreetMap on the Business Directory? google maps want to have some money after thousands of clicks. And the bing map isn't so nice.


I've entered the bing maps details and I see some informations from Bing but I don't see the map. Is there a good disscription how to use the maps google or bing? 

How to see a map in the category of all entered adresses?




2 replies

Using OpenStreetMaps OSM works now with fullscreen as well now.


Second is to use/buy the JBD map module and put in position..



OpenStreetMaps are already integrated into the directory extension. You can switch the maps in the directory general settings.

In order to see the listing from a category you can use the Business Listings menu item with the map enabled or you can use the JBD Map module.