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I can add an Offer to the Cart but receiving the following message when pressing the "checkout" button:


0 Call to undefined method



Any idea what can be happening?



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Hi yes this is problem though I also have a ticket for Offers checkout not working since 10 of August. So you cant checkout Offers.


Still no solution..........frown


[BWR-36914] Attempt to assign property "buyerDetails" on null - offers cant fulfill order

Are you two identifying the same bug or is there a difference?

@Ken Koger - you need to update both JBD and JBD Sell Offer to the latest versions and the issue will be fixed. It seems that JBD Sell Offers is out of date.

@ssnobben - we are aware of the situation, but unfortunately no solution has been found yet. The issue is persists only in your website at the moment.