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I have written about this topic before but received no responses from the CMS community.

I think it would be useful to make the following two improvements to the "Opening Hours" section on the "Details" Tab:

   - Always Open:

  • Useful for businesses that never closed such as Casinos, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants.
  • Currently, a business can only be open from 06.00 to 05.30 hrs. (23.5 hours)
  • Basically, all 24-hour businesses are shown as closed from 05.30 - 06.00 hrs. daily.

   - Temporary Closed:

  • Useful for businesses that have temporarily shut down due to Covid-19, such Hotels, Restaurants, Massage Parlors, Fitness Centers, etc.

The "Opening Hours" feature is very useful as a banner will appear on the corner of every listing informing users if a business is open or closed.

   - Green: "Open"

   - Red: "Closed"


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I totally agree with this.

I to had a discussion about this with CMS team and would add another option and that is open only by appointment.

I agree too and had discussion with dev team about it too.. hope they improve this next update too


thks Joe for sharing good ideas...

See this link for an example of the temporarily closed notice on a TripAdvisor business listing:

   - https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293916-d3171689-Reviews-The_Speakeasy_Rooftop_Bar-Bangkok.html


Also, currently, business users cannot enter only a “Note” without also selecting an Opening Hour. It should allow notes to be entered even without selecting an “Opening Hour”.


Thank you for your suggestions.
We will try to improve this shortly.


Great too hear this.

Looking forward to see this in near future.



Thanks team for listening!   laughing

It would be nice to also add 'closed for the season' most of my businesses are seasonal.  Maybe add a customiziable banner that says the date they reopen.


I summarized the above suggestions.


Also added "Permanently Closed" as well.

Noticed Facebook just added this option:

   - Golden Mango Cafe | Facebook

Unfortunately, Covid has impacted many businesses.


Wishlist Requests:

   1. Always Open

   2. Temporarily Closed

   3. Only by Appointment

   4. Closed for the Season

   5. Permanently Closed

   6. Make the Opening Hours Note work without having to enter a time selector field.

   7. Banner on top of a listing's page indicating "Temporarily Closed" or "Permanently Closed", etc.

yeah good suggestions Joe laughing

The improvements are now on development and will be ready in the next release.

Thank you